We'll be by your side every step of the way
Saying goodbye to a beloved companion is never easy.
Whether they spent their entire life by your side or were with you for a much shorter time, losing a pet is a painful experience. And it is especially difficult for pet parents who are forced to make the decision to have a furry family member put to sleep. At Salmon River Mobile Veterinary Clinic, we understand. Our team provides in-home euthanasia in New Meadows, Idaho, and the surrounding areas and is here to provide the loving care you and your dog or cat need during this challenging time. From helping you decide when the time is right to carrying out the procedure in the comfort and privacy of your home, we will be by your side every step of the way.
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Making the Decision

It can be hard to know when the time is right to humanely euthanize a beloved pet. If you have any questions regarding your pet’s health or the process, please contact us. Often, we have been closely associated with you and your pet and can help you with this decision or provide further medical advice.

At Salmon River Mobile Veterinary Clinic, our vets offer quality-of-life assessments to help pet parents make informed and compassionate decisions. While the final choice is up to you, we will help you better understand your pet’s current situation and whether they are suffering.
sad beagle dog looking away over shoulder of his owner

Prior to the Visit

First, decide whether you would like to be present during the procedure. As difficult as it may be to watch, remember that your presence will be a comfort in your pet’s final moments. Also, decide if you would like family members or friends to be present. This can often be a frightening and confusing procedure for children, so if you decide children will be present, we ask you to please try to prepare them as much as possible.

Second, plan in advance for your pet’s after care. We are currently unable to accommodate options for your pet’s remains. If cremation is your desire, there may be options available with nearby providers of these services. If we are performing the euthanization at one of our mobile locations or inside our mobile truck, you will want to bring a blanket or towel to wrap your pet’s remains in for transport to your home. Many clients bring a box or favorite pet bed. It is completely up to you, but please be prepared to take your pet’s remains with you.

Third, we have given you the ability to complete all necessary paperwork and payment on our website, so there is no stress or need for these details during the visit.
sad beagle dog looking away over shoulder of his owner
elderly woman hugging a domestic old tabby cat

During the Visit

You and your family can have your pet comfortable and situated prior to our arrival, or you can bring them into our mobile clinic. Depending on your pet’s condition, they will typically receive an initial injection of a sedative to help them relax, minimize stress, and remain pain-free. The sedative can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to take full effect and often causes pets to peacefully fall asleep.

Once your pet is relaxed and comfortable, an overdose of an anesthetic will be given intravenously either through a catheter or direct needle injection. The anesthetic travels quickly throughout the bloodstream, causing quick sedation, unconsciousness, and a painless cardiac arrest which results in death. This typically occurs within 30 seconds to 1 minute.

If vascular access is not obtainable, the injection can be delivered within a body cavity. This is often the only option with very small animals, pocket pets, and exotics. Passing will take longer using this route, however, it is as painless as intravenous injection. After the injection, death will be confirmed using a stethoscope, and a verbal confirmation of passing will be conveyed to you.

There are some post-death events that can occur and are completely normal. These include: loss of urinary bladder or bowels, agonal breathing (resembles gasping for breath), sighing or vocalization as air is expelled from the lungs, and muscle twitching. These are all normal occurrences and do not indicate any form of pain or stress as the animal has already passed. There are merely the body’s natural post-mortem reflexes.

In-Home Euthanasia in New Meadows

In-Home Euthanasia
in New Meadows

Goodbyes are never easy, but we are here to help. We know deciding to  euthanize a pet is very emotional. If you have made the decision for euthanization, know that relieving your pet from pain and suffering is a wonderful gift from their loving owners. If you have any questions or concerns at any point, please ask us. We are here for you and your pet.

For compassionate in-home euthanasia in New Meadows, Idaho, and the surrounding areas, depend on the loving team right here at Salmon River Mobile Veterinary Clinic. To request additional information or schedule an appointment, please reach out to us.
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Salmon River Mobile Veterinary Clinic provides in-home euthanasia for dogs and cats in New Meadows, McCall, Riggins, Council, Donnelly, White Bird and Cambridge, Idaho, and the surrounding areas.

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Tel. (208) 271-2337